Vicansel Elevator go up the Star Trek Enterprise into outer space
New Tecnology in Propulsion

Thrusters invented by Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez


Valencia, Venezuela, November 18, 2017

       For: aerospace companies ...
    From: (Inventor) Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
Subject: Sale of a 1000 Newton thruster

Dear Sirs,

I am pleased to explain the operation and method I invented to create 1000 or more Newton of force using pressure and vacuum within the pressure:

I placed an object on the water and moved it with a rotating object. This rotating object created a pressure vacuum, since it occupied pressure and when it moved it created a vacuum. This vacuum is filled with pressure that comes from all sides. The objective is that the pressure that is behind the object on the water moves towards the vacuum that I mentioned and touch the object on the water so that a movement or force is achieved in the event that the object on the water is immobile.

In the graph we see 3 pressures (A) (B) (C) and we see three objects (1) (2) (3):

•    Object (1) is a sealed box the size of a room with a pressure of 23 atmospheres.

•    The object (2) is a fixed object (bonded) joined with welding inside the box (1).

•    The object (3) is a 110-volt electric motor rotated by a power plant with 1 year of fuel or more.

•    The pressure (A) in which it is inside the box (1) at an atmosphere of 23 degrees.

•    The pressure (B) is the one that will move to the right and will touch the object (2) frequently while there is a vacuum inside the box (1).

•    The pressure (C) is the one that disappears when the object (3) rotates with the electric motor that I mentioned.


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Elevator for the Star Trek


It is a perpetual ship in all senses: its structure would not be metal, with perpetual oxygen, perpetual food, perpetual electricity and perpetual fuel.

He would star in the Star Trek movie team using a new, more up-to-date spacecraft that they use in Star Trek movies.

My imaginary spaceship is made of glass, since the glass is perpetual.

His method of obtaining perpetual oxygen is by using plant plants within the imaginary spaceship.

Perpetual food shall be obtained from the seed, for the seed is perpetual for my perpetual imaginary spaceship.

Electricity is obtained from an electricity generator using magnets and perpetual fuel.

Perpetual fuel is obtained by sowing with perpetual seeds, the algae that produce Bio-petroleum, which is a product already invented in real life.

The photo of my imaginary ship is as follows:

I sell this product in $ 1000,000,000.00 dollars to companies that investigate how to get to another planet using a perpetual spaceship.

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
March 06, 2017



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To build a perpetual space propellant, you need infinite life. It takes a bird extinct millions of years ago when the dinosaurs existed.

It would be a breeding of dinosaur birds on planet Earth driving the atmosphere, since the atmosphere is glued to the Sun, the Sun will also move with the planet Earth and the Solar System joined by a force of attraction.

It happens that DNA is eternal with the Sun:

You have to put food up for them to move their wings ...

Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
July 27, 2017




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