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Theories of Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

Theories of Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez:

1.- The distance is made of a particle, because the distance increases in size with a magnifying glass.

2.- The eye is not an antenna that captures waves.

3.- The salt of the water prevents that the bottom of the sea is frozen. Salt burns the skin.

4. Liquid nitrogen is cold because it is touching something very cold.

5.- Place a candle near the wall and light the candle. Then illuminate the candle fire with a flashlight and the light of the flashlight will not touch the black smoke that will be inside the candle fire.

6.- The space is tactile. Hold the space around a lit candle and vibrate the space you are holding. By vibrating the space around a candle, the candle fire will also vibrate. So does the smoke. This means that the space is tactile. It is not emission of air, because the thread of sewing clothes does not move, besides the fingers do not emit movement of air. You can vibrate the fire of the candle with the fingers, in the part inferior of the candle, to verify that it is not the breeze that moves the fire of the candle.

7.- The brain opens a tunnel that we do not see. To see this tunnel you must close your eyes and try to see it in the dark. You must wait a few minutes and you will see a white image that then with your thought you will turn it into a 3D tunnel inside the human brain.

8.- To travel through the universe, you need: "Electricity. The seeds. And the water". Electricity is to create the temperature equal to that of the sun. Water to live and sow the seeds. The seed to sow and create food, new seeds and oxygen. How did electricity, seed and water come to this planet?

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My theory is that the atom does not enlarge with temperature, but, that doubles with the heat.

We can see in the following video, the atom of gunpowder burned and doubled under water:


I have invented a method to detect the particles of the universe that cause the planet and the sun to float.

It is a weight meter, which squeezing the universe, gets more strength or weight at the tip of the press of the new meter:

Another proven experiment is that of the candle:

It is necessary to do the experiment in the outer space and to make the new weight of particles of the outer universe that floats to the planets and the Sun.

Very affectionately,
Inventor and discoverer: Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
May 17, 2017


Victom: It is a semisolid particle that before entering the atom produces a thrust. It is found throughout the universe and works as light as well as darkness as well. It moves all the time at a speed of 350,000 three hundred and fifty thousand kilometers per second and its movement is due to the substance that keeps the sun and the planets of the entire universe floating. Victom is the cause of all the movements existing in the entire universe and the movements are not due to the attractive force of the atoms. Victom can not be seen, but, when it shines.

My theory is that the atom has no pulling force, because the particles attach to it, due to the force of the Victom that is constantly moving in the entire universe.

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
May 15, 2017


*** The color exists ***

For years I said a theory that color was a particle and today I have verified its existence: Scientists say that color is created by the human brain, today I discovered that color is created by temperature:

The day is: WHITE

The night is: BLACK

Both colors: day and night do not is created by the brain, if no by, the temperature.

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
April 23, 2017

New Scientific Theory, about how to make atoms with the vacuum of the universe:

We must use the cells, because according to my logic, the touch of a cell with the vacuum turns the vacuum into a new cell. I speak of cell duplication, a cell can not be created out of nothing, but uses the void.

For example: I believe that desert cactus cells convert the emptiness of the universe into water.

It is necessary to observe if the cells of the cactus create water, to verify my theory.

All this process can serve to build a new space propellant.

I leave the work to the scientists.

I do not know how the cactus is born in the desert, it is likely that a seed is needed that does not need water and it is also probable that a seed is needed that needs a little water to be born and then the cactus cells are likely to start To create their own water for their self-survival, that is, that the cells of the cactus after they are born do not need water.

In conclusion: We need a cactus seed or other plant that does not need water to be born or a seed that only needs water to be born, but do not add more water because it must grow without water and its own plant cells must create their own water.

It's just a theory to check ...

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
March 19, 2017


Theory on how the cactus plant in the desert is born: March 20, 2017

I believe that the cactus seed has water inside and with the temperature of the sand the water develops inside the seed.

If we want to do the experiment with the cactus seed we must use desert sand or beach sand, to test the theory.

This process is also repeated in the seeds of the beach coconut plants, as the beach coconut keeps its water inside the beach coconut and the same beach coconut is a seed. For this reason I think that the seed of the cactus must also have water.

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
March 20, 2017


New scientific discoveries

1. Convert the distance or universe into solid particles or matter, using the pairing of two cells, for example, cellular mating or cellular excitation that exists when sperm are created immediately, since they do not exist in the testicles before A sexual relationship His creation is perfect and quick, to say that they come from distance or universe or emptiness.

2 .- Rejuvenating the cells of the whole human body, using the chemical or substance of skin that is used to rejuvenate the hair cells of people hairless, this idea is used to invent a rejuvenator of human and / or animal cells, to lengthen the human life.

3.- New invention: "Cell Exciter", similar to what is used to create hair in carbo people, with this, it is possible to create a method to solidify the invisible atoms that is composing the universe or emptiness. That is, I believe that a cell can convert the distance or composition of the universe into genetic information or solid DNA from a non-solid matter, converting the void into a rejoinder that is inside cells, to create a propellant of matter of the universe or emptiness Infinite and perpetual. DNA: (Acronym for deoxyribonucleic acid, a complex protein found in the nucleus of cells).

4.- I believe that sugar does damage because everything that can be converted into fuel is harmful to the organs of the human body including the brain, for this reason is created diabetes disease in the organ to control sugar, I think That its consumption should be avoided, the coloring seems not harmful because I believe that with the colorant can not create fuel and also everything has coloring.

5. The distance or composition of the universe seems to be invisible atoms and if so, then they also have electrons and you can create a perpetual battery to travel throughout the universe with a perpetual energy method.

6. Plant cells can be grafted to create new cells that do not yet exist, to construct a method of creating coffee simply by saying to the computer "coffee computer please", as does the Enterprise Star Trek in science fiction .. ..Be careful because you can build a cell for the extinction of human life.

7. All this serves to build a perpetual propellant.

8 .- I think that atmospheric pressure is the cause of respiratory arrests, because the muscles of the lungs can not overcome the atmospheric force.

9.- I invented a lung force detector to prevent respiratory arrests in children and adults.

10.- New inventor: "Detector of the force of the muscles of the lungs", to know the force that they have against the atmospheric pressure, using the mouth or the nose.

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
Inventor and Discoverer
March 16, 2017



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