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Dear scientists of the whole world, I am pleased to tell you that what is spinning in seasickness is not the brain or the eyes, but the space that we do not see.

During my experiments, I was observing the dizziness and I came to the conclusion that it is the movement of a particle invisible to the human eye, but visible by its movement made by the human brain.

Dizziness is a malaise of the brain and we can not confuse discomfort with vision. Vision is a mental power that should not be confused with dizziness.

That is why I say "Dizziness is a mental power", because what we see is what is important, the vision during dizziness tells me that I am seeing what the brain moves.

I do the following experiment: I stare at a physical point and try to see another dimension, I immediately get dizzy and enjoy seeing the movement of space without alcohol or having given me vientos, I just want to see another dimension.

Conclusion: Dizziness is not the brain spinning or the eyes, is a malaise. And what we see is the space circling not the head.

Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
February 10, 2018

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