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Ideas from Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez


IDEA (2)

I think oxygen is a drug. By Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

I am inventor of space thrusters.

If you give me the opportunity, I'll make you the thrusters to get to the planet Mars. Here are my 5 ideas:

Idea 1: Light thruster: I discovered a new force created by light through the magnifying glass and I invented a small thruster of 3 three magnifiers to test it in my house and it worked: you can see it in the following YouTube link:

Idea 2: Space Dam: I discovered that a water turbine can be raised and used as fuel for plasma thrusters and / or electric thrusters. Since, you can change the water by a battery and its respective electric motor, to replace the water.

Idea 3: With 2 space dams, you can build a spaceship of a thousand electric thrusters and thus fulfill the dream or goal of going to the planet in a secure way and human crew.

Idea 4: Create Oxygen: I think oxygen is a drug. And if we find out what plant comes from, we can sow it during a space trip or on other planets.

Idea 5: Experiment using coffee as oxygen: Respiration of a liquid coffee resulted in 50%. I put it in my nose, a plastic bag and a little bit of coffee freshly poured with water. The black water, I used it as oxygen and the brain liked it when it was scared by the lack of normal oxygen. This proves with logic and intelligence, that the brain is accustomed to an odor and can be replaced by another: that is the coffee already cooked and poured with hot water.

Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

IDEA (3)
Como hacer una fabrica en tu casa

Paso 1: Compra tinta para bolígrafos chinos de buena calidad, los hay de metal y de plástico.
Paso 2: Compra varias pistolas de silicón para varios empleados en cada mesa.
Paso 3: Compra al mayor las letras y piedras preciosas con el hueco hecho.

Paso 4: Haz lo que dice el video, para fabricar bolígrafos encargados con nombres.
Paso 5: Haz lo que dice el video, para fabricar bolígrafos de piedras preciosas.

Paso 6: Vende bolígrafos a bodegas, abastos, chinos y en tu casa a los vecinos.
Paso 7: Te gusta un bolígrafo con tu nombre, al cliente también.
Paso 8: Te gusta un bolígrafo con el nombre de tu equipo, a ellos también.

Paso 9: Los bolígrafos no se dañan como la comida, así que son perpetuos.
Paso 10: Buena suerte con tu nueva empresa en tu casa. No tienes que pagar alquiler.

How to make a factory in your house

Step 1: Buy ink for good quality Chinese pens, there are metal and plastic pens.
Step 2: Purchase several silicone guns for several employees at each table.
Step 3: Buy the major letters and gemstones with the hole made.

Step 4: Do what the video says, to make pens with names.
Step 5: Do what the video says, to make pens of precious stones.

Step 6: Sell pens to warehouses, groceries, Chinese and your neighbors at home.
Step 7: You like a pen with your name, the customer too.
Step 8: You like a pen with the name of your baseball team, they too.

Step 9: Pens are not damaged like food, so they are perpetual.
Step 10: Good luck with your new business at home. You do not have to pay rent.



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