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The future. By Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

The future ... By Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

We are going to create cities and anti-gravity life.

They are going to build a roof where there will be human life and where there will be no gravity.

Everything will be without gravity: house, car, toys, companies, walking, etc.

You imagine, they are going to climb on the surface of the sky to visit relatives who live without gravity.

That's the future ... I do not know what NASA is doing going to Mars.

For this, I am working on an investigation that allows to create this roof over the sky, since we can not create a road that goes up to the satellites and my research is about that: "Create a road with an unknown matter still" that allows to raise cars and heavy transport without impeding the traffic of vehicles and airplanes, because my idea is to invent a particle that is strong but that is not seen or touched in this dimension, but, to create the road towards non-gravity, hiding in space visible that road and walls that will support it, for that I need the help of everyone with a donation that will be used for a laboratory where I will use all my intelligence to discover or invent a particle that will take us to great heights without disturbing the air space . Thank you very much…

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
November 08, 2017



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