Vicansel Elevator go up the Star Trek Enterprise into outer space
New Tecnology in Propulsion


The clock measures an imaginary time, which was not invented by the universe, but was invented by man.

Hi, I'm from Venezuela, I need financial help in bolivars to the following bank details:
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The image, which reaches the brain, is in the present, not in the past.

Time does not exist, because when we see the mirror, we see the past. And I don't understand how we can see the past. The only way to see the past is that the past does not exist. Sincerely, Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez


I invented the "Skate without wheels, but with magnets", it is called: "Skates that float on a floor of magnet" ...

Hello good day…
I am writing to invent a new computer software and a new mobile application.
VICANSEL: it is a program for cell phones and computers, which allows the user to program what program or software or application, he wants to start automatically when the computer is turned on, either computer or cell phone or another.
I do not have the ability to carry out and give life to this program because I lack the knowledge to develop it and take it to the internet market or software developers for computers and mobile phones.
I propose to invent the program or software and sell it to people who use cell phones and computers, which today do not have this new software called: "Vicansel".
A person with this software (Vicansel) on their cell phone, can program the cell phone for their personal or business use, so that pressing the power button starts the VICANSEL program and Vicansel will automatically start the WhatsApp or Facebook program, each Once you press the button to turn on the cell phone.
Many people have to repeat these steps:
1.- Turn on the cell phone,
2.- Search the WhatsApp application
3.- Touch the touch screen for initial WhatsApp
My idea is: that all this be automatic with step number (1) that I explained in the previous paragraph to it.
Steps 2 and 3 can be done by my Vicansel software and not by people. Do you understand?
And you can do the same with computers. When I turn on my computer, I want Word or Excel to start automatically, without the need for me to do it, but rather for my “Vicansel” software, after I install Vicansel.
After I install Vicansel, I will be able to:
Tell the computer or cell phone: START THIS SOFTWARE OR APPLICATION when turning on the computer. And I can also remove this configuration. Making it useful for all computer and cell phone users.
Thank you…
I await your response and help, to share the profits with the Software and Applications company interested in my idea. Amen.
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
I am from Valencia Venezuela
Today is: day 07 of the month of November of the year 2019-11-07
I await your response to my email:


FIRST: Because I think we do not age due to time, but to a cellular disease.
            That said, I propose to investigate why the cell ages, to test my theory.
            I propose, look for what makes the cell sick and kills it.
            If poison kills a life, then time does not kill.
            Just as a substance can take life, then a substance can extend life. NOT THE TIME.

SECOND: Every movement that occurs in the Universe is due to a force is not due to time and time has no
                strength, but numbers that give the force exerted by a movement. Etc. Etc. Etc.
               The numbers are graphic not time, time does not exist...
THIRT: The past and the future are graphics created by the brain.
            The present was created only, initiating the union of 2 atoms and then the energy was
            attached to those 2 atoms creating the cell, life and the present.

QUARTER: Time did not create the atom, because the atom was made only by the union of the solid that
                   exists in the Universe that was separated.

FIFTH: Times do not exist, but their numbers. The number is a symbol that we invent, not nature.
            The eye that sees time does not exist yet. And if they invent it, what they are going to see is not time,
            but images. The eye what you see are images, you will not see time. Time is in the brain counting
            its days of life and remembers them with the name of "time."

SIXTH: The universe has no time, but distances that can be observed with a magnifying glass:
            EXPERIMENT: Place 2 objects, separated by a distance of 2 centimeters and with the
            magnifying glass you will increase the color of the distance to 3 and 4 centimeters.
            Being demonstrated that: "THE LUPA IS THE EYE THAT SEES THE COLOR OF THE DISTANCES".
            And maybe the vacuum is a distance observable by a magnifying glass, if you put 2 objects to
            the vacuum of the universe.

SEVENTH: The distance does not have time: if you place 2 separate objects at a distance of 1 meter,
                 and touch them with your 2 hands, and you are a third object with your eyes. Both you and
                 the objects will always be in the present. There is no time in the look, touch says better than light,
                 that everything is in the present. Light does not move color in the time, because touch says
                 there is no past or future.

EIGHTH: There cannot be a replica of me in the past or the future. It is impossible because,
              we are made of solid cells and we are not made of atoms or non-solid cells, we are not made
              of a particle that doubles.

ZERO DISTANCE: To create the zero distance, we need 2 1.5-volt batteries and a child to do the
                             experiment for us, I also did it. Apparently, the battery's energy joins and opens a hole
                             in the distance of the universe, which I have called zero distance. The child in the
                             experiment, will stand up straight and in a straight line from 90 degrees upwards (see video)
                             and with his hands, will join the 2 batteries, to create the zero distance: that said,
                             let's see the video that I have created in my home and not in a physics laboratory:
                             The universe is made of distances, not times:
                             I tell you distance, to the entire emptiness of the universe ...

JULY 31, 2019





JULY 21, 2019
In the future, a gas computer will be created or invented, that is, the gas will be the hardware and the gas will have a program or software.
Why not do it today...
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
June 03, 2019
Thruster of magnets - Movement throwing a mass forward.




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