Vicansel Elevator go up the Star Trek Enterprise into outer space
New Tecnology in Propulsion


Why salt and sugar disappear in the water when you beat it.
Because water, ungroups the grain of salt and the grain of sugar into atoms invisible to the human eye. And I have discovered, that an unknown particle, returns to unite to the salt and to the sugar in grains when they dry of water. That's why salt and sugar are not giant grains, but, grain miniatures. Because in theory, there is a grouping of atoms to dry the water of salt and sugar.
What I want is to patent my discovery, why salt and sugar disappear in the water when they are beaten. And because they are grouped again in grains when drying both.
Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
January 09, 2019

Thruster of magnets - Movement throwing a mass forward.




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