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New Tecnology in Propulsion


IDEA: Place an obstacle in the gas that rotates in a particle collider, so that it turns the whole complete collider and magnets, that is to say, that the force of a gas, when touching an obstacle, will turn, little by little, to everything that makes up a particle collider. In this way, we will have a gas that will turn 400 years, blowing all the round tubes, which make it up.
WE WILL HAVE: A spin that will spin without electricity.
USES: Can be used to invent a 400-year-old spacecraft, an electric generator that does not use fuel, a rubber that moves only and much more as my 400-year-old rotor invention grows.
GRAPHIC: Only reduces the size of the tube through which the gas passes and will function as an obstacle. But only at one point of the entire 400-year Rotor or improved particle collider.
Patent pending: April 22, 2019
Invented by:
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
Valencia - Venezuela

Place in a glass full of water, a particle capable of changing its electrical charge, then add salt, move the salt in the water until the salt disappears from human sight. The salt grains will separate because the water will mono polarize each salt atom, that is, that each salt atom will not be seen, because the salt atoms are separated and mono polarized in a single electric charge. Two atoms of the same charge separate. And I think that the solar system is polar mono, since two planets with the same electric charge do not join.
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
March 16, 2019
Thought: Temperature is the product of the union of two energies. The cold is created by the union of two energies, just as the heat is produced by the union of two energies. I believe that Liquid Nitrogen has an unknown electricity. And if so, then, this unknown electricity is the composition of the universe. The fire of a candle puts the fingers of the red hand and a block of ice also puts the fingers of the red hand. That is to say, that both: the hot and cold temperature, they do the same, for which, my idea that we must discover why the ice burns.

We are supported by a single scientific particle for the creation of articles of all kinds. I have the idea, to create a new matter, to create new items of all kinds using the NO particle called atom:
My idea is to collect and solidify the compressed air in a medical injection, that is, if I achieve with your help, solidify the air, we can touch it and chop it into small pieces, since it will stop being gas, otherwise, gasolid obtained when compressing gas and paste it in an unknown way, for which, I ask for financial or financial help that is within reach.
Another way to explain my idea is by telling them a very simple example: Buy a medical syringe or nurse syringe, remove the needle and cover that hole with your finger after filling it with air, now, with your finger on the air outlet or the place where the needle is placed, compress the air inside the syringe and you will see that you can not close the entire syringe tube because it is full of gasolide, as it is called for the future.
This gasolide, I think it can be joined or pasted, to remove it from the syringe in a tactile way, to create a new material that can not be seen, to be used in industry of all kinds.
A gasolide, can not be seen at the moment, but to observe that it stops the black plug of the syringe, that is why I say that it exists and can not be seen.
It would be a breakthrough, achieve solidify the air with glue or something unknown as it is an idea.
I'm Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez, I'm from Venezuela and I'm a computer technician and I do not have a job and I'm thinking and inventing because I have a brain disease that prevents me from working, but I can invent this one for the air with the help of you.
I am single and disabled, so I live with my parents at my age of 47 years. What I want is to form a group of scientists, that with their knowledge we manage to join two invisible gas bubbles.
With this document, I patented my idea, not to go to Caracas to the process of patenting an idea that is impossible until the idea becomes an invention. I share my idea with you, because I would like to see an invisible computer and 3D graphics on the floor, since the color will be seen, but not the one that creates it, because the one who creates it will be made of gas.
Application for scientific assistance that is issued on the 14th day of the month of March of the year 2019.
An amateur and disabled scientist
I hope any help

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

Why salt and sugar disappear in the water when you beat it.
Because water, ungroups the grain of salt and the grain of sugar into atoms invisible to the human eye. And I have discovered, that an unknown particle, returns to unite to the salt and to the sugar in grains when they dry of water. That's why salt and sugar are not giant grains, but, grain miniatures. Because in theory, there is a grouping of atoms to dry the water of salt and sugar.
What I want is to patent my discovery, why salt and sugar disappear in the water when they are beaten. And because they are grouped again in grains when drying both.
Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
January 09, 2019

Thruster of magnets - Movement throwing a mass forward.




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