Vicansel Elevator go up the Star Trek Enterprise into outer space
New Tecnology in Propulsion


Theories of Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez:

1.- The distance is made of a particle, because the distance increases in size with a magnifying glass.

2.- The eye is not an antenna that captures waves.

3.- The salt of the water prevents that the bottom of the sea is frozen. Salt burns the skin.

4. Liquid nitrogen is cold because it is touching something very cold.

5.- Place a candle near the wall and light the candle. Then illuminate the candle fire with a flashlight and the light of the flashlight will not touch the black smoke that will be inside the candle fire.

6.- The space is tactile. Hold the space around a lit candle and vibrate the space you are holding. By vibrating the space around a candle, the candle fire will also vibrate. So does the smoke. This means that the space is tactile. It is not emission of air, because the thread of sewing clothes does not move, besides the fingers do not emit movement of air. You can vibrate the fire of the candle with the fingers, in the part inferior of the candle, to verify that it is not the breeze that moves the fire of the candle.

7.- The brain opens a tunnel that we do not see. To see this tunnel you must close your eyes and try to see it in the dark. You must wait a few minutes and you will see a white image that then with your thought you will turn it into a 3D tunnel inside the human brain.

8.- To travel through the universe, you need: "Electricity. The seeds. And the water". Electricity is to create the temperature equal to that of the sun. Water to live and sow the seeds. The seed to sow and create food, new seeds and oxygen. How did electricity, seed and water come to this planet?