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Valencia, Venezuela, February 18, 2017

         To: The Presidents of the whole world.
    From: Specialist in the study of future time.
Subject: The Planet is freezing:

The planet freezes from the poles towards the center of the imaginary equator that divides the planet into two.

Measures must be taken before and not at the time of the freezing of the planet, for it we must invent a gigantic elevator to raise a spaceship planet type but flat, that is to say, that is necessary to raise cities and very large estates with seeds to produce oxygen , Food and fuel without the need of planet Earth.

OXYGEN: of the leaves of the plants in the farms of the size of the lake of Valencia, Venezuela.
FOOD: from planting on the flat ground of the ship and to obtain perpetual seeds.
FUEL: planting seaweed in a flat sea in the spacecraft, to produce Bio-petroleum.

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
TSU EN Computer science and expert in the study of time. Let's not wait for the planet to freeze to start looking for a new world to live in, not us, but in the near future.

Thoughts of the future:

1.- In the future the constructions will be made of glass. Because the cement will be finished and the wood it rot - Victor Espinoza

2.- In the future the seed will be a fuel. Because matter can not be duplicated. - Victor Espinoza

3.- In the future the glass will be biodegradable. Because matter can not be duplicated. - Victor Espinoza

4.- In the future you will not drink water. Because the energy of the water will be injected. - Victor Espinoza

5.- In the future you will not have stomach or intestine. Because the energy of water and food will be injected. - Victor Espinoza

6.- In the future they are going to look for another planet with city-type spaceships. - Victor Espinoza

7.- In the future they will invent an elevator of big cities to the outer space to evacuate the planet. - Victor Espinoza

8.- The brain uses the body to get everything. The brain lives and the body does not live, it is used. - Victor Espinoza

9.- To increase the age, it is necessary to reduce the temperature that kills the cells, to 10 degrees or less. - Victor Espinoza

10.- I think the view does not deteriorate, but, it increases your vision and we can see the dimensional wall. - Victor Espinoza

11.- The dimensional wall makes it difficult to see objects. When we do not use lenses. I think space is something - Victor Espinoza

12.- If space is something, the brain will increase the view by increasing the size of the eye in the future - Victor Espinoza

13.- The force of the atom is due to a hole in the space that attracts other atoms - Victor Espinoza

14.- The Sun can not have internal temperature, because the mass of the Sol would become gas and would explode the Sun - Victor Espinoza

15.- We are animals. For example: a cow, a dog, a fish or a snake has the same organs as us - Victor Espinoza

16.- In metaphysics they say the spirit is blue. There are 1 volts in the human body, must be the human spirit. - Victor Espinoza

17.- Not talking makes you smart. People who do not talk think, they are creative. - Victor Espinoza

18.- I sell the following invention:

The way NASA uses to raise spacecraft is obsolete. I present my new space elevator VIC-2017:

 I am selling these two projects (This Space Propellant "VIC-2017") and ("VIC-2017 Elevator" click here: in a billion dollars.
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You can find out about me, to the following address: Urbanization La Candelaria, Carabobo street between the streets Cantaura and Silva, building 93-32, city Valencia, Carabobo State, Venezuela.

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