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I sell the procedure to manufacture of the CURSOR NOT TACTILE in 1 million dollars (1.000.000 dollars). You can sell the already built CURSOR NOT TACTILE in billions of dollars (1000,000,000 dollars).

I invented the cellular of screen "not tactile", Just touch the air…

This will allow, not to hold the cellular phone all the time in the hand, because we can place it on the table and touch the buttons from afar.

With whom I can communicate about this new invention…

My email is:

I also invented the button that works by touching the air, for all electronic equipment.

I have also invented a way of reading without glasses, for the elderly, that allows reading paragraphs on the phones without glasses.

Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez



I sell the idea of the VIC-2017 propellant in 1 million dollars (1.000.000 dollars). You can sell the already built propellant in billions of dollars (1000,000,000 dollars).

The idea is to produce force without wasting fuel, I mean, a giant propellant does not burn fuel necessary, on the contrary, it burns fuel that is lost.

Example: A current gasoline motorcycle burns 1 liter of fuel in six hours. And the space shuttle burns a pool of fuel in a second.

Conclusion: You have to reduce the size of the space burners to reach the planet Mars and others by placing 2, 3, 4 or 5 tanks of hydrogen and oxygen fuel used by NASA.

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