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Can someone carry the following document to NASA, ESA, CNSA or ROSCOSMOS?


Someone wants to go to NASA with my invention


I invented the space thruster using light, but I live in Venezuela and I can not go to the United States.

I want to share my invention with a person who lives near NASA.

To do this, you have to see my video and build it in your house and then take it to NASA, saying that we invented the space thruster using light and we want to check it with the propulsion experts.

They will study it and place it in a Vacuum Chamber. Then we will patent it in the United States with your name and mine.

To do it in your house you must see the following video. Do it step by step, you need 3 magnifiers.

If it works for you too, take it to NASA.

Thank you.

Any comments, write me to my email, which is:  

My name is: Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

I'm from Valencia, Venezuela.

I hope you're excited to be famous along with me.

If NASA or the Russians can not raise enough energy to space, they are likely to use this space thruster using light, summoning forces with more magnifiers, would be a wing of 1000 magnifiers or so.


3 magnifying glasses, 2 containers to fill one with water and a shoe box.

If you already have these instruments, go to the following video and see how the space thruster using light works:

I'm looking for an investor for the Flotapatín:

I think oxygen is a drug. By Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

I am inventor of space thrusters.

If you give me the opportunity, I'll make you the thrusters to get to the planet Mars. Here are my 5 ideas:

Idea 1: Light thruster:
I discovered a new force created by light through the magnifying glass and I invented a small thruster of 3 three magnifiers to test it in my house and it worked: you can see it in the following YouTube link:

Idea 2: Space Dam:
I discovered that a water turbine can be raised and used as fuel for plasma thrusters and / or electric thrusters. Since, you can change the water by a battery and its respective electric motor, to replace the water.

Idea 3:
With 2 space dams, you can build a spaceship of a thousand electric thrusters and thus fulfill the dream or goal of going to the planet in a secure way and human crew.

Idea 4: Create Oxygen:
I think oxygen is a drug. And if we find out what plant comes from, we can sow it during a space trip or on other planets.

Idea 5: Experiment using coffee as oxygen:
Respiration of a liquid coffee resulted in 50%. I put it in my nose, a plastic bag and a little bit of coffee freshly poured with water. The black water, I used it as oxygen and the brain liked it when it was scared by the lack of normal oxygen. This proves with logic and intelligence, that the brain is accustomed to an odor and can be replaced by another: that is the coffee already cooked and poured with hot water.

Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez



All brightness has no color, but a diminution of light, for example: a magnifying glass diminishes the intensity of light and instead of seeing a less tense light, we see another color. Another example: water decreases the intensity of light and creates the colors of the rainbow, but in reality the rainbow is colored to black and white or grayscale. The truth is that the human eye turns black light into colors ....

This I found out by doing the following experiment: I used a black and white television, a magnifying glass, my eyes and a sheet of white paper: I placed the magnifying glass a meter away from the black and white television on, then I placed a white sheet to see the colors changed by the magnifying glass coming out of the TV, and what I saw was that there are no colors, but, black and white. Then I replaced the sheet of white paper by my right eye and saw the colors of the rainbow in dark areas created by the television, that is, where there was less light intensity, I could see other colors like blue and yellow that are not seen in the sheet of white paper I mentioned I used in this experiment.


There are no colors in the light.


A planet is attracted by the Sun due to a large invisible ray that goes from the Sun to the planets: And the planets attract their moons of the same method: And the atoms of the same method: And the magnet of the same method.

Nothing is attracted to another object without tact: magic does not exist.


When you move in a car at more than 100 Kilometers per hour, take your hand out a window, and you will see that your hand is struck by an invisible mass. I repeat: the breeze does not hit, but something solid that we do not see.


You need a window that will give you light, solar without seeing the Sun, because you would burn your eyes: a magnifying glass and objects to place them in the window where sunlight will enter.

You sit with the magnifying glass in your hand, and observe a meter from the window to the objects, which shine blue and the objects are of another color.

To this blue glow, I have called it gravity.

The color of the sea is blue, because the gravity is blue.

The color of the atmospheric layer is blue, because the gravity is blue.

The blue color of oxygen is because oxygen touches gravity.


Human eyes will grow to see the invisible particles.


They are invisible and are already here.

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
September 14, 2017

Dear friends from all over the world,

My name is Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez, I am 45 years old and I am from Valencia, Carabobo State, Venezuela.

I'm looking for a lab to continue my research. If you can suggest me to any entity or university or company, please do so.

Tell him my email that is the following:

I look forward to your help, thank you.

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
August 23, 2017

Idea to invent the necessary temperature in the plasma propellants spatial:

The idea is to divide the electricity generated by a hydroelectric turbine without water, only using an electric motor that will turn a hydroelectric turbine generator using only 90% generated to produce turning force and the other 10% to use it in the plasma propellant spatial. Which at present can not function in space, as in the case of VASIMR.

It stands to reason that I still do not know if the electric motor will run on 90% of a small or large electrical generator generator like that used in hydroelectric dams.

The idea is not to use water, but an electric motor in outer space to reach the planets of the solar system.

Example of my idea:

Invented by:
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
August 19, 2017


New Invention for Space Ion Thrusters…

My idea is to change the water for real horses that live and breathe ... so that they equalize the force of water in a hydroelectric plant.

I called this plant "Animal-electric turbine" and I invented it today August 15, 2017, to be used in ion space propellants in which it is not yet possible to create such electricity equal to the hydroelectric turbine that originates Currently in a dam and not in space.

Therefore, if we change the water for animals and oxygen and food, we can invent the plasma propellant that needs 12,000 degrees of temperature and at present, such temperature is not possible in space.

I propose to use a hydroelectric turbine and put living horses to equal the force of the water: For example:

Invented by:
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
August 15, 2017


Refuting the Theory of Relativity:

Time does not exist. No one has seen the time.

The time we see is relative, that is, the numbers. But absolute time, no one has seen it: past and future time do not exist ...

Albert Einstein said in his theory: "If a man travels at the speed of light, he will not age fast, but will live 200 years old." This is proven to be non-existent because satellites have a clock to check this theory of relativity and travel to the speed of light and do not change their clock of experienced time. Therefore Albert's theory is false.

Neither are numbers the time, but a measurement of distance that travels the planet Earth ...

2017 returns has given planet Earth until today, since Jesus of Nazareth was born. And it has turned 736.205 (2017 x 365), that is to say that we have had: 736.205 days and nights since the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

The days, the night and the year, is not a time ... (It is an accountant) ...

What we know, is that the planet moves, but we do not know if time exists, because no one has seen it ...

In conclusion: The relative time (number) and absolute (future, present and past): "They do not exist"

Very affectionately,
Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
August 12, 2017



They are (3) three inventions:



I sell the procedure to manufacture of the CURSOR NOT TACTILE in 1 million dollars (1.000.000 dollars). You can sell the already built CURSOR NOT TACTILE in billions of dollars (1000,000,000 dollars).

I invented the cellular of screen "not tactile", Just touch the air…

This will allow, not to hold the cellular phone all the time in the hand, because we can place it on the table and touch the buttons from afar.

With whom I can communicate about this new invention…

My email is:

I also invented the button that works by touching the air, for all electronic equipment.

I have also invented a way of reading without glasses, for the elderly, that allows reading paragraphs on the phones without glasses.

Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez



I sell the idea of the VIC-2017 propellant in 1 million dollars (1.000.000 dollars). You can sell the already built propellant in billions of dollars (1000,000,000 dollars).

The idea is to produce force without wasting fuel, I mean, a giant propellant does not burn fuel necessary, on the contrary, it burns fuel that is lost.

Example: A current gasoline motorcycle burns 1 liter of fuel in six hours. And the space shuttle burns a pool of fuel in a second.

Conclusion: You have to reduce the size of the space burners to reach the planet Mars and others by placing 2, 3, 4 or 5 tanks of hydrogen and oxygen fuel used by NASA.



To build a perpetual space propellant, you need infinite life. It takes a bird extinct millions of years ago when the dinosaurs existed.

It would be a breeding of dinosaur birds on planet Earth driving the atmosphere, since the atmosphere is glued to the Sun, the Sun will also move with the planet Earth and the Solar System joined by a force of attraction.

It happens that DNA is eternal with the Sun:

You have to put food up for them to move their wings ...

Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez
July 27, 2017

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